My mother is the earth

My father is the sky

Yet I am such an ungrateful child

Although the love of my parents

Has bestowed a plentiful richness on me

Thus I can grow up well

I have sucked out all my mother’s flesh

And inhale up all my father’s breath

I have repeatedly done this

yet they both remain merciful

And always taking care of me

Every day

It is time for me

To value and return the love

To my mother

And to my father

While they are now weeping

But I close my eyes and my ears…

Last night, since midnight.

We stayed awake

to keep watching

In a huge anticipation

We waited

While being mindful

We asked

Why did the rain not stop yet?

But the heavy rain kept on pouring.

Checking our phone, it reported

the Tropical Seroja cyclone is passing by

In just within several hours

We could see how strong it was

As it came and swept us in an instant

Like a flowing wave

To run away was our chance

As we tried to grab the chance

In the water, we immersed

wet, cold, and muddy

As we looked around

The world…


When I was still a little kid
My mom used to tell me
“My child, do not get too close to an adult man”
I asked her ‘why’?
And she replied
“Because there is a monster hiding inside them.”

When I grew up as a teenager
Once again, my mom reminded me
“My dear girl, do not get too close to the boys nor the adult man”
Again I protested her “but why?”
And she replied to me with a glare
“Because they can turn to a monster anytime!”

As I became an adolescent girl
my mom said
“Please, do not rush…

Muse #1

Nakukun falun kalan be dukur

Balada kalan ladauk de’it bokur

Kolen loron tomak be wain

Sé loos mak nia nain?

Lalehan be metan iha netik fitun

Mahobeen aitahan atu monu tuun

Ita ema nia moris nakonu aisasiik

Sá mak ita atu bele husik?

#tetun #nota #poema

In memoriam of those who have shed blood of bravery on November 12,1991 in Santa Cruz, Dili.

On tonight’s quietness

The candles burnt are you

Your good deeds

Brave heart, perseverance,

Your great faith, great love

For this beloved homeland

The candles burnt

Are as bright as your shining souls

With these candles, light the way

With these candles, I pray

With these candles, I put my hope

With these candles, I hold on

With these candles, I learned

To learn along

How to be a candle

Before it is burnt out



Iha hakmatek kalan ne’e
Lilin sira be…

Sometimes, I ask myself
what if I can turn to a leaf?
a leaf of a big banyan tree
next to my house

That banyan tree has so many leaves
so many, that even after they fall to the ground
the tree still looks like it has never lost a single leaf at all
I say so, because every morning
I am the one who always
have to sweep those leaves away
with a broom

those leaves of the banyan tree
they were green before they fall
and turned yellow when they fall
and as the wind blew them away they turned brown
before they fell again to the ground
for one last time
as the deceased one

#poem #tree

Photo source:

Between 2013 and 2014, I first time heard about the Black Lives Matter movement, and reading through about it helped me to realize that the African-American people still facing systemic racism even today. The shooting of black people incidents such as George Zimmerman, teen Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown by the police officers was brutal and was unacceptable that lead protests and unrest in Ferguson in New York.

Before knowing about Black Lives Matter movement, I had heard about Martin Luther King’s story during a group discussion of Theology class at college which allow me to browse about his powerful…

Today is May Day

I said to my father via phone call

“What is May Day?” he asked

It’s a day off for workers dad

It’s a day off for you as a worker,

I replied. He laughed.

“What? Really? Oh dear, you must be kidding me

when could a worker have a day off in his life?

Perhaps when he is getting sick or about to die.

Workers meant to work everyday to earn income

and to sustain his life

Just look at me my dear

Since I was a teenager I had learnt to be a worker for…

Photo: Crowd Gathering at the Stadium in Dili, 2015 (Private collection)

I firstly heard about Corona virus in late January this year from the newsletter, social media and from the briefing at my workplace. The virus outbreak firstly discovered in Wuhan, a city in Hubei province and caused thousands of death in weeks. The Chinese government then applied a strict lock-down to the citizens to limit their movement and to prevent more outbreaks. Then many speculations appeared online that the virus is caused by consumption of exotic animals available in wet market in Wuhan. This speculation is then reinforced with a viral video of a Chinese woman eating bat soup at…

Is a heart who just lost its half
Staring at the twilight
With nostalgic songs
playing in the background of the cafe
While her eyes holding the tears
Hidden in a pretty smile
Longing terribly inside

Is a ringing phone
From a worried wife
To her taxi driver husband
Working all night long every day
With almost no chance
To grab something
To eat nor to drink

Is a lonely soul
Despite not being alone
Feeling lost in the crowd
Mind keeps waiting and guessing
‘When would that soulmate came?’

-Metiaut, Dili. 13 July 2019

#love #poem

Vitalia Ze

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