April 4th in Dili.

Vitalia Ze
2 min readApr 18, 2021



Last night, since midnight.

We stayed awake

to keep watching

In a huge anticipation

We waited

While being mindful

We asked

Why did the rain not stop yet?

But the heavy rain kept on pouring.

Checking our phone, it reported

the Tropical Seroja cyclone is passing by

In just within several hours

We could see how strong it was

As it came and swept us in an instant

Like a flowing wave

To run away was our chance

As we tried to grab the chance

In the water, we immersed

wet, cold, and muddy

As we looked around

The world was about to sink

We run out, scream out for help

The rain was sweeping us out

Please help us, help us

Oh fellows, help us, please

In this brown muddy water current

Our farewell has faded in its color.

Our beloved mother, father,

brothers, sister, children, grandchildren

Parting ways without any last word

At the edge of the river and shelters,

we search for them and weeping

As we stood and looked afar

searching for the lost one in a weary heart

The brown muddy water

it was less muddy brown than our sorrow

To the nearest safe shelters, we sought refuge

With an empty mind, we wait and think

What will be our tomorrow?

There are many hands come to our aids

We receive them each brokenheartedly

Despite we are feeling hurt inside

When shall this pass?

How shall we restart?


The Resurrection Sunday of the Savior

The heavy rain took away our belongings

Even so, our faith remained in the savior

Tonight and onward

We will stay awake

to keep watching

In a huge anticipation

We will wait

While being mindful

We will ask

When shall this pass?