Vitalia Ze
Nov 13, 2020

In memoriam of those who have shed blood of bravery on November 12,1991 in Santa Cruz, Dili.

On tonight’s quietness

The candles burnt are you

Your good deeds

Brave heart, perseverance,

Your great faith, great love

For this beloved homeland

The candles burnt

Are as bright as your shining souls

With these candles, light the way

With these candles, I pray

With these candles, I put my hope

With these candles, I hold on

With these candles, I learned

To learn along

How to be a candle

Before it is burnt out



Iha hakmatek kalan ne’e
Lilin sira be lakan mak imi
Imi nia banatin
Aten brani, fuan boot, fiar boot
Domin boot ba rai doben ne’e
Lilin sira be sunu
Lakan nudar imi nia klamar nabilan
Ho lilin ne’e leno nakukun
Ho lilin ne’e ha’u harohan
Ho lilin ne’e ha’u titu
Ho lilin ne’e ha’u tuba
Ho lilin ne’e ha’u sani
Hodi hatene tuir
Oinsá sai lilin ida
Molok mohu