Vitalia Ze
1 min readApr 22, 2021

My mother is the earth

My father is the sky

Yet I am such an ungrateful child

Although the love of my parents

Has bestowed a plentiful richness on me

Thus I can grow up well

I have sucked out all my mother’s flesh

And inhale up all my father’s breath

I have repeatedly done this

yet they both remain merciful

And always taking care of me

Every day

It is time for me

To value and return the love

To my mother

And to my father

While they are now weeping

But I close my eyes and my ears instead

I am such a heartless child


I would like to seek forgiveness

From my mother and my father

and I would like to learn to love them

with all my heart and being diligent

to return them things

that I can return

a time to breath

a time to recover

a time to reforest

slowly but continuously